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When Words Fail... Music Speaks

Alex Is Amazing

About Me
I was born in Misawa, Japan when I was two I moved to Sembach, Germany then I moved to Great Falls, MT the summer
before second grade.

My Favorite songs are Say You Like Me and Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings and Amen By Edens Edge
I also like the lyrics to Not A Love Song
and Mistletoe

I have a dog that is part Shiba Inu, a turtle, and a Chinchilla named Grizzly Ninja What Bear.
Foods I like are shrimp, steak, bacon, bananas, oranges, peanut butter, pecans, tacos, apple pie, s'mores

Nicolxxxzzq (Nicole) and I (Axbddrnaxq) live in a country called Yuo our neighboring countries are whereuo, and ohwhathi.
(We bought Canada and divided it into three states, the biggest one is Yuo.) Yuo's state animal- Chinchilla, state .............

I am obsessed with an imaginary Fred Pfeiffer.

I am learning spanish on Rosetta Stone