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My Mini Saga
I ran with the few surviving members of my village towards the safety of the Zeankado Forest. At the edge we looked back and saw the worst thing possible…fire. Our entire lives destroyed in less than ten minutes. Our families killed. Our friends captured, likely never to be seen again.

Journey To ReinoBy:Alex Mackiel

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We helped get weapons ready then we were sent to hide. They flooded into the village swords swinging. They ran into buildings and dragged families out one by one and slaughtered them on the streets. Our warriors tried to fend them off but didn’t have enough supplies. The soldier’s white uniforms were instantly stained with our blood. By the time they had left, all of our warriors were on the ground, some screaming in agony others were laying still.
I ran with the few surviving members of my village towards the safety of the Zeankado Forest. At the edge we looked back and saw the worst thing possible…fire. Our entire lives destroyed in less than ten minutes. Our families killed. Our friends captured, likely never to be seen again.
Through all of the sorrow I was relieved to see Jack and Ethan among the survivors although Ethan’s leg was injured. Tyler and my parents weren’t as fortunate. They fought the soldiers and lost. I also recognized two other people, Celia and her best friend BillyJean.
Millaggio’s population before the attack 130,681
Millaggio’s population after the attack 47
We prepared for something like this by putting enough emergency supplies in the forest to last the village months. It was nothing special, just necessities in cases on the back of trucks. They could last us a couple of years if they had to. We also asked our neighboring kingdom, Reino, to make it look like we had died if we chose to run and hide.
We continued on using supplies from the cases. We also went hunting to get fresh food. We were tired and depressed but we after three weeks of wandering aimlessly through the forest we found a slight sign of civilization! It was a sack of dried food and some clothes which could have been there for months, but it gave us hope. It also served as a great spot to rest for a while.
Even though it was around five we got our tents ready and Jack and I went hunting. Ethan wanted to come but his leg was still healing. The days we spent at the new site were very enjoyable considering what we went through. We had to leave after three days and it was back to walking. Days went by and we tried to stay positive but it was so hard. We walked towards where we thought Reino was, they might help us. A week after we left, Celia and BillyJean started encouraging us to keep moving.
The two of them became friends with everyone. We were so desperate and their friends weren’t there so it helped motivate us.
In the following weeks she started saying that New Zvolkian soldiers would capture us and we’d be killed. I didn’t really believe her, they thought we were dead, but the group did moved faster.
One night at dinner Emmett, a boy from the edge of the village, asked where the jerky was. There was a lot of arguing but Celia said she took them because BillyJean and her were doing all of the planning and they needed extra energy but neither of them did any work. Ethan helped out around camp and the rest of us got fresh food, medicinal plants, and water that Ethan purified. Celia and BillyJean just sat around camp and ate the best food. I was going to complain but it just didn’t seem worth it
. We continued moving. We eventually ran out of clean clothes that fit John so he tried on the clothes in the sack and found a map in the pants pocket. We examined it and realized we were headed towards Mount Echo not Reino. We turned around and traveled back to where we found the sack. We wanted to stay a little while then continue on to Reino but Celia wanted to settle there until the group was low on supplies. John, Ethan, and I weren’t thrilled with the idea so we stayed there a week then the three of us took one of the supply cases and continued on towards civilization. In ten days we got to the river and decided to return to our village. We left the supplies and crossed over. Reino had carried out the deal; our village had been transformed into a cemetery. The bodies were gone and in their place were gravestones. It wasn’t that big of a deal until we saw our names. Ethan, Emma (my mother), John (my father), Tyler, Jack, and Me, Merana Izena, my name was actually on a gravestone- Merana Izena 1893-1908.We followed the river and got to the edge of the kingdom around our seventh week on our own. We rented a room and stayed there a couple of weeks. We decided we didn’t want to live inside Reino so we settled down on the outer edge. New Zvolkystan hasn’t caused us any problems in the four years we’ve been here and it’s been really relaxing just the three of us.
The End

DeanGroom Activity #2

The three orangutans had just settled in the tree when a pack of wolves all named Luke, which had recently found their father, skipped past the orangutans, howling viciously and looking from front to back to find some place where they would not be ignored. Fred, the biggest orangutan made a sort of fence round them with televisions all showing his weather forecast, and the wolves nestled down inside it and promptly fell asleep because Fred's weather channel is quite boring. At the last moment Nicole, the foolish, annoying turquoise baboon who drew the lovely Ms. Alexandria's carriage, came frolicking clumsily in, tearing apart a baby elephant.


Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters
  • Mirana is the main character she is smart,
  • Jack is Mirana's little brother her only remaining family member. He is only 9 and is extremely quiet but helpful sticks with Mirana.
  • Ethan is 14. He is Mirana's best friend. They have known each other forever and do everything together.He was injured in the attack which keeps him around camp.
  • Celia is brave and she is very convincing but she isn't the nicest person.

  • What do they want? To restart their lives after the village is destroyed and many are killed

  • Where are they going? To Reilo
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop?
  • It will develop around the trip and their struggles.
  • Plot Twists and Turns?
  • Celia starts to encourage us to keep moving by saying that the New Zvolkystan soldiers will capture us.
  • Celia becomes friends with most of the people and she starts turning on them and making them do what she wants
  • How will you lead up to the climax?
  • Celia decides to settle by the river so the three of us packed up supplies and continued on
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting?
  • No, the main characters decide to live right outside the kingdom and they restart their lives.
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story?
  • A little bit with Celia and you can tell that Mirana, Jack, and Ethan. are getting a little annoyed