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About Me
I go to school at East Middle School and I live in Great Falls, Montana. I have red hair, hazel eyes, and many freckles. I am a gifted and talented student who loves to learn new things everyday.

I have may hobbies that I absolutely love to do everyday. They include playing my flute, reading books, baking deserts, and just plain love being out in nature. I also love playing volleyball with friends and family.

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I have a talent in making homemade seasonal cards, scrap booking, and making jewelry.

One of my favorite foods is fruit salads, which includes watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, cantaloupe, and a mixture of berries. I also love Arabian pork chops, homemade Chinese food, tacos, lasagna, stew and turkey dinner with all the goodies included. The desert is my favorite part of dinner/ lunch. My favorites are cookies, ice cream, milk shakes, cakes and pies. Any kind, any time.

My favorite music is christian and Christmas music.

My best friends are Renee Wanke, Alex Mackiel, Nicole Sheffels, and Allison Blom.