Web Quests are due on FRIDAY, January 20.

Seventh Grade
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Process - Steps Page
Step 1 - Go to http://www.geographic.org/ to start your discovery on the 5 themes of geography. You must create a 2 column by 5 row table at the top of your webquest wikipage that contains a description using your own words of each of the 5 themes of geography. Please include at least one image with each theme.

Step 2 - You must choose 2 countries, and 2 states in America, plus 1 country/state/region of your choice. Your boss has stated that this travel log presentation must be based on the 5 themes of geography and show how they impact the lives of people who live in and who visit your chosen places.
Use the following links to help you explore other areas of the world and America:






You can use the PPT Download below to help you complete your notes if you like.
Make your notes about each country either on the PPT download or on your webquest wikipage. Wiki Web Quest page.
Step 3 - Research your chosen places. Use the links above to gather information each of your places and also about the 5 themes of geography of each of those places. Make sure you address the 5 themes of geography in your research. Do not begin step 4 until Mr. A has told ok'd you to go ahead. In other words. Don't go straight to the image collection step. (and which theme do sumo wrestlers address?).

Step 4 - Build your wikipage/presentation with images, sounds, and video if you can. Remember, I am a very visual boss and our customers are very visual customers. BE CREATIVE...USE YOUR SKILLS...and ask your neighbor or Mr. A for help if you need it. Always consider the 5 themes and how they might be incorporated in your presentation.

List your references in APA formula on the bottom of your WEB QUEST wikipage.
Step 5 - Submit your web quest wikipage which will contain your 5 themes descriptive table and your unique travel log to Mr. A on Friday, January 20.