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Activity #5

I choose to give more time to others as my new years resolution. This would help me because i would get to know my family a little better. One way i can obtain this goal is by talking to my parents more. This would help with my goal so i can know what my parents did that day and that week. Another way i can get my goal is by listening to my parents more. I think this would achieve my goal because i sometimes talk to my parents but i don't always listen to them when they talk. The last way i think i can obtain the goal is by hanging out with my parents. Because when you hang out with someone you will learn a lot about some. And these are the ways i can achieve my goal of spending more time with others.

Activity #4

My teacher, Mr. A,

DeanGroom Activity #1 -Blog Post #3

My favorite movie i have ever seen was The Pianist. It's about a Polish piano player who lives in Germany during world war 2. And it shows this guy stays in tacked in world war 2. This guy stays in tacked for más than 5 anos.

11-sentence paragraph. Which Animal on the farm is the most similar to you?

The animal I think I am most like from the book animal farm would be snowball. I think i am like snowball because

11-22-11- Gratitude

Even though Thanksgiving is this weekend there are still some things I am not grateful for. One thing i am not grateful for is my parents are divorced so i don't get to spend the whole day with them every year. It's nice to spend time with one of them but it would be nice to have them together again. Another thing i am not grateful for is that my grandpa died last year and it was some of my best memories with him during this time. He would always play me in a game of pool before we ate dinner. The last thing i am not grateful for is that there is always snow on the ground. I HATE the snow and i am from California so i have never liked the snow. So those are somethings that i am not grateful for.