The Great Truth in a Web Quest

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Step 1
1&2: Newspaper - Gives people the news every morning in a readable form
TV - people can listen to whats going on currently when they want on TV
Radio - tells people whats going on by talking to a group (can share important information when needed)
Billboard, Poster - Tell people whats going on at a quick glance when they are walking by
Internet - People can check the news when they want and has the most chance to get false information
Cell Phone - Gives people information on the go
Speech - Telling someone directly through talking to them

3: The media is influenced by social factors because people want things to talk about and things they will talk about. Also, the media is influenced by economic factors because people want to hear the good stuff and it might not always be the truth. Lastly, the media is affected by political factors because the government can somewhat control what the media says. I think the media is also influenced by the people who run the certain media.

4: I'm sure the people who are not represented are very angry and eager to tell the truth. While the people portraying are probably happy they got people t see what they wanted to see.

Step 2
1: The Americans are portrayed to the Americans as doing good and wanted in Iraq. However, to the rest of the world Americans are shown as not wanted and not doing good.
3: Both the video and the pictures portray the event from both sides. What the Americans showed the world and what it was actually was. The major difference is that the video shows what really happened and the pictures showed how the media exaggerated the situation.
4:The main choices that were made were who to please with the pictures and video. Overall the media chose the Americans.
5: This information made me understand that maybe we didn't do as mach good as we thought in Iraq.
6: The media made the choice of capturing the event to please only certain people. They chose to show all of the Iraqis happy the Americans were there and happy the saute was gone.The intentions I believe were to make Americans happy.
7: They were doctored to make the rest of the world believe that the Iraqis were self supported.
8: It served the purpose of showing the Americans the Progress the military was making.
9: The Americans benefit from the doctored images because it keeps them feeling good about the war and their choice to send troops to Iraq.
10: Yes I think can change history because it can become a symbolic image just like men raising the flag on Iwa Jima and it can become all people remember and what they think about the event.

Step 3
1:The images and the font in the American paper are bigger and the article all portray the Americans has good. I can't read the other articles but I'm sure they don't say the same things about the Americans and the Thailand paper has things beside the war on the front page. I wonder if the Americans are making to big of deal out of the situation?????
2:The audience of the paper are the people of Tuscan, everyone who lives in Thailand, and anyone else interested in the war.
3:The Iraqi citizens are not represented in the paper. It gives them lots of problems for their story because it doesn't give them a chance to share it. The papers just brush their story off and say its not important and I'm sure people believe it.

Step 5

There were many ways that the media assisted the war in a public way. The media used a lot of propaganda to try to show a lot of points that weren't going to look good on U.S. newspapers. The Americans also set up a lot of things that made it look like the Iraqi are rebelling.