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Robert and Cole both had the same dream, for world piece. They thought where was the one place in the world where piece was needed the most. Africa. So they go to Africa to talk to the leader Sumba he wanted world piece to but he is evil. SWEET POTATO’S

The Project by: Cole HendricksonGuest Stars: Robert and Jesus


It was just a quite day when they met. Cole and Robert. They have hated each other ever since the day they met, but they one thing in common . They want world piece. It was May 18th and Robert and Cole were assigned to be partners in social studies. The project assignment was to change the world. The two partners decided to go over to the library to think of a project idea. Later that day it hit Robert like Blake Griffin getting a dunk over Lamar Odem. They should try to obtain world piece with the world. Cole said,” Why in the world would we want that! It’s not like we would use that.” Robert almost shouting said, “OF COURSE WE WOULD USE IT! IF WE HAD WORLD PEACE THEN THERE WOULD BE NO MORE WARS YOU IDIOT!” After Robert had been told by the staff that he would be kicked out if he yelled again, Cole finally realized how important world peace was. They deiced to go to Cole’s house since Robert started yelling again about how he to walk to the 5th floor of the library to get a drink of water because the 1st-4th floor water fountains were broke. Once they got to Cole’s house they started thinking of ways to even bring up the idea of world piece to even someone slightly important. But after awhile they deiced that wasn’t going to change a thing. So they thought they could do it themselves. They just needed a place to start. A place that has had so much war the rivers are red with blood. As they both said in unison, “AFRICA!” Robert deiced to talk to Cole at lunch, “So how in the world will we get to Africa?” Cole replied with, “We’ll find a way just trust me on this one.” “Ok, but we need a plan for when we get there.” Robert said. “Ok, you’re right about that one.” Cole agreed. So they deiced to meet again during study hall the next day. Robert said, “What should we do to start are plan?” Cole replied with, “What if we go to Africa and meet with the all the presidents of the countries in the continent.” Robert answered with a yell again, “HOW IN THE WORLD WOULD WE GET TO AFRICA!” “I’ll tell you how” Cole said as he turned on the T.V. to Wheel of Fortune. So somehow Cole’s mother got them on the show, nobody to this day knows how she did it. So they both made it to the final round and the grand prize was a round trip to Africa for two. During commercial the two kids agreed that Cole was going to let Robert win the prize. Robert wasn't the sharpest Robert in the bucket of Roberts so he tried to guess the answer but he didn't the last word right. So Cole had to save the day by answering with the letter z and he won the game. The plane tickets said they leave in three days. So they skipped school those three days to pack there bags with unbelievable items of awesomeness. It was the big day when they left, but the bad part was they didn't leave until 11:00pm. So they decided to go to the movies. So they went to see the movie, ";akdfj;alksjd;flkajsd;klfja;skdj" The move was 5 hours long and they almost missed there flight. They managed to get on the flight even though they were about to take off. Again we'll never know how their mom's got them on that flight. The plane they ended up on was one of the worlds largest planes EVER. The plane was so long it had a basketball court on it! So Cole and Robert played basketball for about 2.5 hours. Once they got to Africa they had a cab waiting for them. As they walk up to it Robert ask, "Why did you pick us up?" The cab driver named Jose(mexican in Africa) replied with,"Your moms paid me and told me exactly what to enter in my GPS so i could get you to..." checks the note again,"22° 13’ S and 30° 00’ E" "Ok, sweet!" Cole said. Again how there moms keep doing the impossible is crazy. So they had a long drive until they go to the town of Beithbridge ( thats were the counsel of Africa was located). Cole and Robert were so tiered from the airplane they slept in the cab for 1.5 hours. They woke up to the sound of the engine failing. As the cab driver pulled over a lion slowly walked up to the cab out of nowhere. The lion said," Hi i'm Sumba the king of Africa." " I can take you to my kingdom where we can obtain world piece." Cole said, "well since we don't have a car lets go walk along the famous Cliffs of Death." Subma slowly in the most evil voice ever says," See we shall." So the 3 of them were walking along for about 2 miles then they got to the Cliffs of Death. Robert was so eager to spit off the cliff he never saw it coming. Once he got to the edge he called for Cole and Sumba. What he didn't know was that Sumba was right behind. Sumba grabbed Roberts throat so hard it was just starting to bleed. Out of nowhere Jesus himself saves Robert by throwing a lighting bolt through the head of Sumba. As Jesus flouts down from the clouds Cole asks,"Jesus why did you save us?" Jesus explains,"Because Cole we both want the same thing in life, world piece. Cole there is only one way to get world piece you dummy." Cole asks,"How lord?" "Well thats an easy one. Just go to church and pray like its the end of the world everyday." Robert jumps in and says,"Well thats way easier than what i was doing." So Cole and Robert went back to school two days later. The last time they talked each other was when they had to talk to the class about there journey and there talk with Mr. Lord. They never talked to each other again.

The End :(

Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters: Robert, Cole, Jesus, Sumba

  • What do they want? The want world piece

  • Where are they going? Africa
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop?

  • Plot Twists and Turns? They meet Sumba who also wants world piece but he is evil (secretly)

  • How will you lead up to the climax?The climax is that Cole and Robert are about to be killed by Sumba when Jesus saves them.
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting? World piece and Sumba dead

  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your store.