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Animal Farm Character/items/events
What it symbolized for Orwell
What it could symbolize today
Old Major - the wise old well respected - Michael Jordan of his day
Karl Marx - the Michael Jordan of his day - He was a famous political philosopher behind the ideas of communism and socialism. Many leaders of the late 1800's and 1900's believed strongly in his ideas. He believed that everybody should share equally in the work of a society as well as that society's products.
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He is like Marx because he wants equality for everybody. He also believes that change is needed to accomplish that.
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Mr. Jones- a famer- a dictator in my eyes and made bad choices and was a bad person. He treated the animals poorly.

external image animal-farm-animals-confront-mr-jones.jpg
Nicholas ll-The last Russian leader who a clumsy and ineffective leader. He made bad choices and a lot like Mr. Jones such as he treated people very badly.

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George W. Bush- A leader who (in my opinion) started a war with no cause. He was a horrible president in my opinion.He made some decisions that put the country in to a 11 year war. All and all he was a lot like Nicholas and Mr. Jones.

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Animalism- In animalism all animals are equal. Also every animal owns the farm. There are no owners. There is no rich, but no poor. And workers get better lives.

Communism- Communism is were the government owns everything, but the people own the government. And all people are the same.

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Equality- I think this goes good with communism because the both state all people are equal.

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Napoleon- Napoleon was not a good speaker, and was not as clever like snowball. His ambition is for power. He killed his opponents.

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Joseph Stalin- Joseph was also not a good speaker, he wasn't as educated as Trotsky. Like napoleon he didn't follow Marx's ideas. He cared for power and killed all that didnt agree with him.

Texternal image Joseph_Stalin.jpg
Mr. Agomenoi- He is a crappy speaker, and isn't that clever. He also has the best hair in the world.

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Mollie- Moll i was the white mare of the farm. She really like wearing the ribbons the humans gave her. Mollie also like the sugar lumps that she got to eat( before the revolution). She was equal to all the other animals because of the animalism.

external image paintingsMollyAnimalFarm.jpg
Russian Middle Class- The Russian middle class had nice salaries which allowed luxuries to be enjoyed such as fine foods and clothing. So Mollie and the RMC ( Russian Middle Class) both had nice things. In the RMC everybody was equal under communism.

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The American Middle Class Today- I think that the AMC ( American Middle Class) has more money than they need so they can afford nicer things like clothes and eating out. And in America everybody is equal under the Constitution.

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The Hen Thwart- When Napoleon orders the hens to give up their eggs for sale the hens. The Hens would smash their own eggs so Napoleon couldn't get them.

dexternal image animalfarm_hens.jpg
Stalin's attempt to collect from the farmers- Because Stalin's actions in taking their crops, 4-10 million people died of starvation like how 9 hens died in the book. The peasant farms would kill their crops before the harvest so Stalin wouldn't get their crops, like how the hens smashed their eggs.

external image joseph-stalin-1.jpg
Taxes- Countries tax

Key Players

Vladimir Lenin
The founder of the Bolshevik Party, organizer of the October Revolution, and the first leader of the Soviet Union.
Lev Kamenev
A prominent member of the Bolshevik Party who initially resisted Lenin’s call to hold a revolution sooner rather than later. After the revolution, Kamenev went on to serve in the Soviet government but was executed during Josef Stalin’s purges of the 1930s.
Joseph Stalin
A Bolshevik leader who became prominent only after Lenin’s return to Petrograd in April 1917. Although Stalin was very much a secondary figure during the October Revolution, he did gain Lenin’s attention as a useful ally, and following the October coup, Lenin gave him a position in the government as commissar of nationalities.
Alexander III
The son of and successor to the assassinated Tsar Alexander II. Upon taking power in 1881, Alexander III cracked down severely on reform and revolutionary groups, prompting growing unrest. Alexander III’s son, Nicholas II, was the tsar in power during the Russian Revolution in 191
Felix Dzerzhinsky
A Polish-born revolutionary who joined the Bolshevik Party after getting out of prison in 1917. Following the October Revolution, Vladimir Lenin appointed Dzerzhinsky head of the Cheka, the first Soviet secret police force and an early forerunner of the KGB.
Nicholas II
The last Russian tsar, who ruled from 1894 until 1917. Nicholas II, wong the Rho assumed the throne with trepidation upon his father Alexander III’s death, was a clumsy and ineffective leader whose avoidance of direct involvement in government caused resentment amussian people and resulted in violence in 1905.
Alexander Kerensky
A member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party and an active participant in both the provisional government and the Petrograd Soviet. At first, Kerensky acted as a liaison between the two governing bodies. Within the provisional government, he served as minister of justice, minister of war, and later as prime minister.
The Russian Revolution started because many citizens were upset at not being heard, needs not being met, and suffering. Russia had suffered much during World War, and new leaders, Lenin and Trotsky , promised better. Instead, they created a communist society which threw the Russians into more confusion.