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1.newspapers, television, magazines,Internet, broadcasts, radio, online blogs, books, and movies
2. newspaper- entertain, inform; television- entertain, persuade, inform; magazines- entertain, inform; ads- entertainment; the Internets- entertain, inform, and persuade; broadcast- inform, persuade, entertain; radio- persuade, inform, entertain; online blogs- inform, entertain; books- entertain, inform, persuade; movies- entertain, persuade, inform.
3. People with $$$$$$$$$$ can make movies that a lot of people see. They can buy ads and buy computers to go online and blogs about their feelings of what they eat for breakfast (or brunch). peoples political views can change what people say on T.V. and other media. there will be less media if there is less money.
3.5. The media is also influenced by
4. If you are not at the event you rely on media portrayal of said event and if they lie or show it in a way that's positive or negative then your thoughts on the event are flawed.
Part 2
1. The Iraqis are the ones who started it all trying to tear down the statue it was spontaneous then the Americans came in and saved the day. The truth was that it was a preplanned demonstration and the Americans rallied everyone together.
2. Government- Iraq is a republic There is a National Assembly elected every four years, the meet with the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) to make legislative decisions. The RCC is in charge and the chairman of the RCC is also president of the country. The president exercises decision-making powers He and the vice presidents are elected by the RCC. There is suffrage at age eighteen, and the popular vote elects 220 of the 250 seats in the National Assembly. The president chooses the remaining 30 seats.
Major Cities- Baghdad, Hit, Kalar, and Mosul
Social Structure- Large kin groups make social units. They are more important than ethnic, social class, and sectarian lines. Familial loyalty is very important. All members of the family protect one another. The kin group usually involves three generations, many of whom live together. Its organized through decent and marriage. They often share farms and land.
3. The images both show the statue being destroyed but in some of them you can tell that it is blocked off and its just reporters to make it look bigger. In other pictures it show a whole crowd cheering and helping tear down the statue.
5. Knowing that this was staged to look bigger makes it less of an achievment and from some of the pictures you can see US military vehicles blocking off the square which makes it look even worse
7. The newspaper images were edited to make it look like a crowd of Iraqis gathered to take down the statue when it was mostly reporters to have it look like the Iraqis were out of Saddam's reign.
9. The US military gains support by making it look like they helped tear down the statue.
1.a the US picture is a lot bigger.
b The australian picture has paler colors and the US pic has bigger font
c The Us picture is bigger but it has a lot less writing.
2. The audience is the people of the US and Australia.

Part 5

There are so many types of media, some inform, some persuade and while others entertain. Media that is meant to inform is supposed to provide facts without bias. Does it? Or do they just choose to leave out what they can’t back up or what makes their side look bad? Informative information shouldn’t do that. It should show both sides and let the readers decide which side they believe. It shouldn’t just side with the government to make them look good.
When the statue of Saddam Hussein was brought down in Baghdad many were relieved. They had just destroyed a symbol of dreadful times. The Iraqis gathered and tried to tear down the statue. A mass of people waited for the fall of the statue. The Iraqis tried to break it and the United States military was glad to assist. They came with tools and soon the statue was broken and on the ground. After it was brought down the Iraqis attacked it trying to destroy all signs of what their lives have been like for quite a while. Well, isn’t that what happened or is it just a propaganda. We later found that it was staged. The military blocked off the square with their vehicles. They called people to the square and gathered reporters that were nearby to make the crowd appear bigger. We don’t know every single detail but, shouldn’t we know the whole story before we have to take sides.

As citizens shouldn’t we be allowed to know what’s going on? If we aren’t shown both sides of the story how can we know if we agree with the decisions that were made? It’s up to the community to decide what to believe. Not the media. Now that I know this I think that the US wanted to help bring down the statue to help show that the Iraqis had stopped being led by a dictator and just wanted it to be over.

2. Moses returns and Napoleon doesn’t kick him out because his tales keep the animal’s minds off of the poor conditions. If the animals aren’t thinking of the conditions they will not try to overthrow Napoleon.
3. The animals admire Boxer because he is kind and he works hard. The animals are led to think he is sent to a nice hospital but he is really sent to a glue company. Squealer covered this up by saying that the hospital just bought a van from the horse slaughterer and they didn’t have time to paint it yet.
4. The knacker symbolized that the pigs were just as bad as the humans used to be because in Old Major’s speck he said that once Boxer’s muscles lost their strength he would be sold to the knacker.
5. The two classes were the pigs and everyone else, the working animals; these two classes formed because the working animals believed the pigs were the smartest so when the pigs took over the animals were okay with it.