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Paint a Pic
Let it dry
moisten with spray bottle
450 Broil
Couple minutes take one out
more take 2 out
more time take 3 out
more time take 4 out

Proportions are used in art to make people and buildings realistic and attractive. A typical persons proportions are about the same as every one else. An average person is 7 and ½ heads tall including their actual head. So if you were to draw someone and you drew their head 1 inch long they would be 7 ½ inches tall on your paper. Artists sometimes mess with proportions to get a certain effect. If you wanted a drawing to look noble or poised they would be 8 heads tall. Heroic figures are often 8 and ½ heads tall. Proportions are really useful for drawing faces. A study conducted by the University of Toronto found the closer you fit average proportions the more beautiful you look. So a perfect face would be the most average face. CITE