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Blog Post 5
I chose to watch less TV for my New Year's Resolution because then I would have more time to do other activities. One of the things I would love to start doing more is reading. I got nine books for Christmas and I haven't gotten a chance to read them yet. I also need to get my work done and the television is just a distractions. As I have been writing this I have stopped after every other sentence and started watched TV. I have also decided that I need to spend more time practicing my flute. If I watched less TV I wouldn't be as hooked to the stupid TV shows that I like. If I could stick to this resolution I think my life would be a lot easier to manage.
This paragraph needs to be 8 to 11 sentences. Other than that this paragraph is pretty good except for punctuation and spelling. A more specific way to state this is to set a side a period of time and get rid of some of the shows that don't really need to be watched. For instance maybe not turning on the TV when you get home from school, doing your work and practicing your instrument and then once your done with those things, you can watch all the TV you would like. I like your New Year's Resolution.

Blog Post 4
My teacher, Mr. A, is most like the dogs in Animal Farm for the following reasons. He is led by his boss, and he has low self esteem like the dogs because they let Napoleon control them because of the low self esteem

Dean Groom Activity#1 -
My favorite movie is Water For Elephants. I liked how they showed how Jacob's parents died and he lost everything so he just ran away without getting his degree. I loved how he cared about Gracie and he tried to stand up for her. At the beginning with the prize horse I liked how he was brave enough to put the animal out of it's misery no matter what that meant would happen to him. Jacob and a girl want to go away from that circus and got caught. Jacob got hurt with fists by the annoying circus guy. Jacob and that girl had a plan to go away. Jacob and that girl got assist

11-sentence paragraph. Which Animal on the farm is the most similar to you?
The three animals on Manor Farm I am most like are Clover, Benjamin, and Boxer. I am like Clover for a few reasons. When Napoleon decides he wants to sleep in the beds Clover went around and questioned the other animals she didn’t ignore it but she didn’t go straight to Napoleon. I am like this because when there is an issue I try to resolve it without going directly to the source. I am also a little like Benjamin. I think Benjamin is hiding his feelings really well and he actually cares. I am like Benjamin because even though I don’t like what is going on I wouldn’t make a big scene. I am also like Boxer. Boxer’s motto is “I will work harder.” He goes above and beyond and he picks up the other animals slack. No matter what, I always try my best I work longer and harder than most people. Although I have something in common with each of these animals I am not totally like any of them.
When you say I am like Clover I think it would sound better if you said, I am like Clover for a few reasons. When you say I am like Benjamin I think it would sound better if you said I am also a little like Benjamin.
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Even though Thanksgiving is this weekend, there are still some things I am not grateful for. I'm not always grateful for my brother. Often we can't even get through a conversation without getting into an argument. Usually we have each others back when it counts. Another thing I am not grateful for is the new technology. It is great to be able to watch netflix or play angry birds from anywhere. The new technology is making my generation lazy and our manners are horrendous. The last thing I’m not grateful for is Black Friday. It is a good way to get Christmas gifts if you don’t mind waiting in line for hours and risking being trampled or pepper sprayed. Even though a lot of people aren’t grateful for many reasons, you can find the good in everything.