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<--- In number 8 I mean Squealer
My Animal Farm Page!!!

Animal Farm Character/items/events
What it symbolized for Orwell
What it could symbolize today
Old Major- A wise and respected old pig.
He started the idea that the farm needed to change. Died before the revolution. The animals take over the farm.
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Karl Marx- Invented Communism. Died before the Revolution.Workers unite and take over government.
external image main.jpg
Obama- he wants equality for everyone and thinks change is needed.
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Jones- Controlled the farm until the animals
chased him out. Didn't treat the animals well.
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Tsar Nicholas II- Served people rotten meat. Stepped down from the throne. The Menshevik government forced him out.
external image 170px-Tsar_Nicholas_II_-1898.jpg
Canada- didn't please the Hockeyplayers or wildlife so they joined us in taking over Canada because they were allowed to stay in Nicolean as long as they want.
(creation of Yuo)
Napoleon- He was quiet at first and when big desicion making came he took over and kicked Snowball out and enforced new rules. Used the dogs to make the animals listen to and not argue with him.
Joseph Stalin- Controlled the media and had painting done to make it look like everyone looks up to him. Had the Secret Police make people listen to him.
Parents- Use priveledges to make us help around the house.
Squealer- Napoleon's communicator on the farm. Napoleon was a poor talker so he had Squealer speak for him. Squealer convinced the animals that Napoleon's was right.
Russian Media- Spreaad Stalin's Version of the truth to the masses.
Media- As it was in Orwell's time Media is a great way for them to spread news.
Snowball- He was chased off of the farm and he was an enemy of Napoleon.
Leon Trotsky- He was exiled from Russia. He was an enemy of Stalin.

Hen's Rebellion- The hens were forced to give up their eggs so they flew up on a building to lay them and they crashed to the ground. Nine hens died in the progress.
Peasant Farmers- Ukrainian farmers slaughtered their own livestock as a form of protest. 4-10 million Ukrainian peasants were starved to death by Stalin.

Causes of the Russian Revolution

Russia had switched to communism and a man named Joseph Stalin had take over and things got bad quick. People were starving (not a sign this version of communism was working) and Stalin used propaganda to convince people every thing was dandy.

Important people of the revolution

1. Nicholas the 2nd, Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias - He is the eldest son of Alexander III. Through his decisions he led Russia to collapse.
2. Trotsky- He was a Russian Marxist revolutionary and a theorist and he was the founder and leader of the first red army. Also he apposed Stalins non aggressive pact with Adolf He wanted every thing to be better and was a good speaker. He was the commissar for foriegn affairs under Lenin in 1917- 1918, then the head of the Red Army as the commissar of army and navy affairs from 1918 to 1924. He was exiled from the Soviet Union after he lost a power struggle with Stalin. He was brutally executed in 1940.
3.Lenin- as a leader of the Bolsheviks he headed the Soviet state during its first years. He fought to establish control of Russia in the Russian civil war and worked to create a Socilist economic system.
4.Stalin - He killed people who opposed him, started the secret police (KGB) and he was not a communist.
5. Bolshevik- They came to power in Russia during the October revolution. There beliefs and practices were referred to as Bolshevism.
6. Secret Police- Although not really police they could kill people for disloyalty.
7. Religion- It was allowed because they thought it would make people not complain and it would stop violence.

Allegory-A story which each character represents or symbolizes something other than what it is.
Satire- The use of sarcasm or irony in a story written to ridicule/make fun of someone.
Fable- a story that has a moral and it has animals as characters that can speak.