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Mini Sagas
Mewmo had the answers, to everything. Now he has nothing the way things have turned has left him with nothing. If only everyone was like me working for the greater good, but there is no greater good and now I hope that I can get out of this horrible place.

Dean Groom Activity #2

The fat lions had just sat down when a herd of water buffalo, who had just finished college, filed onto price rock, stomping loudly and running all around to find some place where they would further annoy the lions. Simba forced them up against sort of wall with his great roar, and the water buffalo struggled and then just fell asleep. At the last possible time Pumba, the foolish, ugly red boar who has always helped Simba, came waltzing lightly in, devouring some massive beetles.

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Describe the start of your story.
  • Introduce your characters: Chip the gazelle, Mewmo the baboon, Ragar the Lion, Urew the Lion, the rest of the lions, the rest of the animals, Sedire the baboon grandson of Mewmo
  • What do they want? Equality among all of the African animals if there territory
  • Where are they going? Through a series of changes that are not good for the group
What happens in the middle of your story?
  • How will all your story and characters develop? All of the characters will fight among them selves
  • Plot Twists and Turns? I will add twists and turn to the plot by the actions of the top class
  • How will you lead up to the climax? I will lead to the climax by the feelings of the main character
Outline the climax...How does the story end?
  • Is your ending what your readers are expecting? I don't think so the story doesn't end happily
  • Have you used foreshadowing throughout your story I will use foreshadowing by the constant decline of events going on in the story

The Savanna Turns Black
By Robert Bruskotter



It seemed like a normal day when it happened. Mewmo had been our leader for my whole life, but people were saying the old baboon had lost his touch. Personally I thought things were just fine, not too bad not to great, but I couldn’t complain. I loved life. I was a young gazelle then. During Mewmo’s rule nobody was ever sad. Everyone did the same amount of work and got all of the same benefits. He could motivate people to do their work in a way that was unnatural. When there were disputes over territories in which certain animals were to reside Mewmo would always solve them with what seemed the perfect amount of ease. He would always say, “All animals are created equal.” He was the perfect leader, he never took anything for himself, but everything was not as it seemed.
During this age I had the privilege of working with Mewmo’s grandson, Sedire. I’ll never forget that day when I came to work. It was the perfect day, or so I thought.
“Hey Chip how’s it going”, asked Sedire.
“Going great how about you,” I replied back.
“Actually, things could be better.”
“Oh that’s not good. What’s the matter?” I responded.
“Well has everyone is well aware my Grandfather is getting older, and well now he’s only expected to live 3 more sun cycles.”
“What”, I exclaimed, “Who could possible takeover for him? He has been the one to solve our problems forever.”
“That’s what we have 3 cycles to figure out.”
However, it wouldn’t take cycles, it wouldn’t even take days for that very after noon there was a gathering called. Everyone thought it was strange. Mewmo never called meetings during the beginning of the sun cycle.
When all the animals of the Savanna were surrounding the Main Rock it began. I’ll never forget it, the day when our world changed not for the better, but for the worst. Instead of Mewmo walking out onto the rock it was Ragar, the leader of the lions, and he was feared by most. Has Ragar Steeped out on to the rock he called in a low rugged voice across the land, “My fellow animals a new age is upon us.” The words trembled the bones in every animal’s body has the call echoed far out over the distance. Then it happened. Mewmo was brought forth by Urew, Ragar’s right hand man and several other lions. It was at that moment I realized there were lions strategically placed around the vast crowd. “Has our first change we will have a new leader, wave goodbye to your beloved Mewmo.” Then without a moment’s hesitation Ragar tore the very throat away from Mewmo’s helpless figure. There were screams across the crowd and some animals started to run. They did not get very far for they were stopped by a hungry lion, either Urew or one of Ragar’s ruthless followers. “Change number two,” he then said, “from now lions will eat whoever they so desire. Also, Remember all animals are still created equal, some animals are just more equal than others.”
At that moment the situation absolutely hit me. It was over the lions would now reign over the other animals of the Savanna, and nothing could be done to stop it. During earlier times the lions would always play by Mewmo’s rules and find food elsewhere. They also served has a protection agency against outside threats. That no longer held true. You had to pray that a lion looking for a snack didn’t walk by you. We were not allowed to sleep where ever we pleased, now lions patrolled the new bedding grounds and killed any animal that tried to run. I only remember one animal that made it, a small elephant whose father held the lions of long enough for him to disappear through the dark abyss of the night. Food was also scarce; the lions provided 1/3 of what Mewmo did. During the day some were taken to wait on the lions while the rest were left to graze under strict conditions or participated in slave labor for the lions. This was the most freedom given.
I only once saw my parents or any of my family during this time period. After several sun cycles people started to go insane and purposely tried to escape to get eaten by a lion. After a long hard decision I decided to end my life the same way. I had nothing to live for, my life was not my own.
As I rounded a corner in the pitch black I thought I actually might make it. Above all odds I could escape. I knew what I was doing was bad but I had to try to get out of this place, anywhere was better than here. My hopes of making it were then crushed under the weight of a crushing paw.

The End