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Blog Post #6
1/13/11 What Is The Webquest

The eighth grade web quest is basically about seeing two sides of the story and how the media only gives views from one of the sides. In this web quest we will take a major event in history. After that we will take a look at the news articles and media surrounding the event. Then, we will look at two sides of the story. We will then determine if the media only gave views from one side of the story and which side it was. We will examine why this is and learn more about the situation. Also, we will take a look at how this affected people. We will then take create a working document to display information. We will find good examples of different view points in the modern era. That is what the eighth grade web quest is about. Mr.a I love your hair cut.

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Blog Post #51/3/12 New Years ResoultionMy New Years Resoultion is to practice my instrument more. In seventh grade I practiced way more than I did this year. When I did this I was a better player and had more fun in the class. I hope to get back to this piont. In the chairing on the band I was consistently one of the best two. Now I'm floating around the three chair. I can deffinetly improve this and hope to do this. Since I haven't been practicing I feel I've been letting down the myself and the class. If I did practice I would feel beter about myself and the band's music, and indent to do that.
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Blog Post #4 12/21/11 Teacher ComparisonMy teacher, Mr. A, is most like the character, Napoleon, for the following reasons. For one he is the leader of the classroom just like Napoleon was the leader of the farm. Napoleon always runs around and tells people what to and how we are going to complete it. Mr. A does pretty much the same thing with assigning homework and telling what we're doing it the class. Mr. a also gets all of the good stuff. In the book Napoleon gets all of the nice human stuff. In our classroom Mr. A gets all of the good computers and he never has to worry about homework or class work. Mr. A also makes things sound fun but when we have to do them they seem horrible. Napoleon does the exact same thing telling the animals they are in a better place and are working for a great good. That is why i sincerely believe Mr. A is most like Napoleon.
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Blog Post #312/20/11 DeanGroom Activity #1sd Star Wars in probably the greatest sci-fi movie ever the amount of intriguing thing in star wars is ample. The whole story line is amazing and the fact they put it together in 6 movies was amazing. Star Wars is pretty much an international icon. I doubt there's been one 5 year old in the world that hasn't pretended they were a Jedi. All of the characters and all of the settings create like a star wars dimension. Who ever created Yoda should be a billionaire because Yoda has to be one of the most amazing characters ever. I can't get enough Star Wars. Star Wars has a compound plot. I think it is without a doubt a top film has far as plots go.
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Blog Post #212-8-11 11 sentence paragraph. Which animal on the farm is the most similar to you? - SnowballThe animal I think I am most like is Snowball. For one Snowball establishes himself has a leader, but not one that completely over powers everybody and is relatively equal in treating everybody. I think I would do approximately the same thing. I'd try to control the group maybe a little to much, but try to present ideas and help those around me. Also, Snowball is a good speaker. I think the same of myself. I've placed in several speech meets and love the reward of talking to people. Last, Snowball throws all of himself into making the farm a success. I think there is no way I wouldn't do the same. I've worked hard to make several things a success in my life. Therefore, I truly believe the animal I am most like is Snowball. Mr. A I feel really bad for your low self-esteem and I know this great counselor that might help you have more self esteem. It's called the Marines. I don't know if you know about them or not but you should check it out. You had some typos. That's about it so just fix those. Good job though!
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Blog Post #111-22-11 GratitudeEven though Thanksgiving is this weekend there is still are still some things I'm not grateful for. For one I am not thankful of where I live. It often takes a long chunk of my day to travel to my house and it often gets in the way of activities. However, it really isn't that bad, it's often nice in the summer and a great place to relax. That's what I need to focus on. Also, I'm not thankful for most of the actionsof my sister. She often will be ignorant and do things that affect everyone and she just won't care. However, she can also be very kind and very funny, and those times make up for the one's were she is a pain. So really there's nothing I shouldn't be thankful for, I can find good in everything.
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