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Russian Revolution

Key Players

Valdamir Lenin
Valdamir Lenin in early 1917 started plans for a Russian Rebellion Revolution. He also documents which condemned the existence of the current Russian Government. Working with the Bolshevik Party He Helped over throw Tsar Nicholas Romanov.
Tsar Nicholas Romanov
King of Russia for 1994 to 1917. Romanov was a very poor king, he lost eastern foothold in fight with Japan and did countless wrongs with his people. He was not popular with
his people and was eventually over throne.
Karl Marx
Invented communism. He worked with "workers of the world unite" to take over the government. However, he died before the Russian Revolution
Leon Trotsky
A strong follower of Marx. He wanted to improve life in all of Russia. Was a big leader in the October Revolution.
KGB Secret Police
Not really police,but forced support for Stalin. Used force regularly and often killed entire families for disobedience. Part of Lenin's Power even over the army
Why it Happened
The Russian Revolution was an incredible event. The minor Russian leaders and the other political leaders basically looked at the other European governments ,at the time, and said they did not want a mainly monarch system of government. So they over through their Tsar, Nicholas Romanov to limit the power of the monarch. Then they tried to put in place a new government.
?'s Ch. 1&2
The animals are behaving like animal in the fact that they are moving like animals and referring to animal like mannerisms.
Old Major's speech in the barn really got the animals thinking about the way things are, about how things should
be and how they can change it.
It says that all men are bad and the that every animal is good.
They were easily lead because they have only had one opinion together forever and they have never thought of two different ideas.
Snowball thinks the ribbons signify human ownership.
The animals were very surprised and a little unsure.
Anything that walks upon two legs is an enemy.
They are basically the same theory.
There was no current government in place and most all the animals have the same needs

Allegory- A story...each character represents or symbolizes something other than what it is

Satire- the use of sarcasm, irony, in a story... to ridicule/poke fun at someone...

Fable - a story that has a moral and it has animal as characters... that speak

Allegory Table

Animal Farm Characters/items/events
What it Symbolizes for Orwell
What it could symbolize today
Mr. Jones- The ruler of the animals The modern dictator
and the man in power that was overthrown
external image farmer-in-the-dell.jpg
Tsar Nicholas Romanov - The Dictator or monarchy of
Russia during the revolution, the and in power that was
external image romanov.jpeg
Mommar Gadaffi - example of a modern dictator that was not well
liked and overthrown
external image 220px-Muammar_al-Gaddafi_at_the_AU_summit.jpg
Napolean - bad speaker and didn't like whoever didn't like his ideas, used others to do his work
external image 30021539.jpg
Joseph Stalin - didn't like others who didn't like his ideas used the KGB secret police to do his work
Republican Democrat Parties - don't like others who don't agree with them
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRl90gdMlUiT0xPY5dITg_QZjNxECkj_XgIOjCWPUtmj6232qh1ndNe3VeOVw
Snowball -Good speaker, leader and has good ideas about making life better and wants life better but struggles with others peoples opinions to execute them
external image 25471880.jpg
Leon Trotsky - Leader of October Revoulution and wanted to make life better for all of Russia
external image Leon%20Trotsky.jpg
Brack Obama - Good speaker and really wants to make life better but struggles with others opinions to execute his ideas
external image Poster-sized_portrait_of_Barack_Obama.jpg
Windmill - project undertaken by the animals to provide electricity but has been to much work and no pay off
external image 39P06.GIF
The extreme modernization projects undertaken by the Russians - A lot of work not enough pay off
external image future_city_downtown.jpg
Social Security - The Government spends $761 Billion on Social Security near 30% of all Government Income. How many people does it really benefit? Is it really worth it for all of that money going to a program like this in a time of debt?
external image 200px-Social_Security_Logo%281%29.gif
Dogs - Raised by Napolean to do all of his dirty work, over power anyone that disagrees with Napolean and are completely faithful to Napolean
external image 200171930-001.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=F5B5107058D53DF52F1A75E342A8E9FC79F5CC6734C985E211A55577D44275F16529E79887609E4F
KGB - Secrect Police - Do all of Stalin's dirty work and were know to kill families that disagreed with him
Seal Team 6 - Not nessesarily from a mean and ruthless stand point but they do all of the countries major dirty work
external image team-6.jpg
Grain Bins - Full of sand to make seem like the farm has enough food
external image Oak%20barrels%202.jpg
Tactics to make citizens believe that all is well and the government is strong
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcScwMfbWxj9PFuOWdBL6jXFxN2Pt-s5k3LI8gAYyOTSeSgRM3yeL2l2iuNf
Press Secretary - The Press Secretary decides how information gets distributed to the people wiether it be in a good or bad way.
external image 20gibbs.jpg
Hens Thwart - When Napoleon orders the hens to give up their eggs for sale the hens thwart and don't give them up. Then Napoleon cuts their rations and then hens do give him their eggs.
external image
Stalin's attempt to take crops from the peasant farmers of Russia - In 1928 Joseph Stalin took all crop from the pheasant farmers of Russia and Ukraine. In the book 9 hens died from starvation but in the Ukraine 4 - 10 million people died of starvation.
external image rr47.jpg
Libiya - the Gadaffi dictator ship was resently diminised but before the citizens of Libiya were at the mercy of there ruler and they didn't have any of their freedoms. In other words the government took away there freedoms.
external image mlibya.gif
The Knackers - The Pigs said that Boxer would be going to go to the hospital after he had problems with his lung. However the car that took him away said Knackers on it and Boxer was never seen again.
external image Knackers%20cart%20000d.jpg
Mistreatment of Loyal Government Workers - The government would often give loyal workers little or no benefits and treated them very badly
external image men_factory_workers.jpg
Slaves - work hard and are mistreated their entire life
external image MODERN-slavery.jpg

Ch 3 & 4 ?'s

The farm is becoming more like a civilized society because of the fact that the animals are sort of moving into a leadership government form and every one is working for the benefits.
The flag is green with a hoof and horn painted on it. It signifies the green fields of England and the future rise of the animal utopia without humans.
I think the main event foreshadowing a future problem is the small battle for power and the arguments between Snowball and Napoleon.
This is a good example of propaganda because it defines the main part of animalism.
The pigs set them selves has elite of the farm by being the first leaders and by being good speakers.
Squealer's good speaking tactics are contributing to the brainwashing of the animals.
The battle of cowshed is different from the rebellion because the humans attacked the animals not the other way around and this battle was also more violent.
In the response to recognition in the battle of cowshed Snowball was very proud and happy with the recognition while Boxer was not happy with the award and the outcome.
The situation with the pigs is ironic because Old Major, the animal's former leader, was a pig.

Ch. 5 & 6 ?'s

Mollie was rejected by the ohter animals because she was caught being pet by humans and with human poosesions.
Snowball and Napolean disagree on the windmill and eventually Napolean runs Snowball of the farm with dogs.
I don't there are many differeences between the rules but I also think Napolean has been worse to the animal than Mr. Jones.
They have come to replace freedom and bravery because there is no real freedom because of Napolean and no signs of bravery have
been shown for the last several chapters from any of the animals.
I would not consider it propoganda because he's not give the main pionts that Napolean's making in a catchy way he's being very persuasive
to convince the other animals that what Napolean is doing is right.
This shapes his character because he always will do whatever it takes to get things done and I think it shapes his leadership role in the sense
that he will always work harder at what the farm has going.
Napolean establishes credit for the windmill by saying he was never against it and all the debates were just a way to get snowball of the farm.
Napolean abuses the law of sleeping on a bed and the animals are forced to accept this because they don't want to get hurt by Napolean's dogs.
Tactics as Napolean uses them means a way of getting rid of Snowball or covering something up he did wrong.

The Animal I Am Most Like Is......

Ch. 7 & 8 ?'s

Napolean makes everything seem fine by blaming it all on Snowball.
The hens get all of their rations cut.
The memory of Snowball is used to keep the animals in line because nobody wants to be chased of the farm.
It shows that there is no doubt Napolean is the leader and that if you do something to make him mad there will be consquences.
Colver I believe is singing the "Beasts of England" because she wants to rebel from Napoleon. This shows me that Colver is not a good communicator and also the fact the she is speaking up now tells me she is kind of shy.
Napolean says the rebellion is complete but he really doesn't want the animals rebelling against him.
Napolean is systematicly lieing through out Ch. 8 but the part that really stuck out to me was with all the lies surrounding the lumber trade.
It builds up Napoleans image by saying he is an almighty dictator and almost establishes him has a king.
In the battle of Windmill the animals weren't in complete control the entire time and a big blow againts the animals was taken with the falling of the windmill, which didn't happen in the other battles.
Ch. 9 & 10 ?'s
The stated purpose of the Spontaneous Demonstrations was to celebrated the struggles and triumphs of the farm but the real reason was to show praises to Napoleon.
Napoleon's purpose of allowing Moses to return to the farm was to give the animals something to live for. This is significant because it could also spark rebellion thoughts against the pigs.
All of the other animals admire Boxer because of his hard work. The animals are lead to believe that Boxer was sent to a Vet to be healed but he was really going to be slaughtered. When the animals see him leave in the Slaughter truck Squealer tell them that the Vet got a new truck and have not yet painted over the sign.
The knacker represents loyal good workers being horribly mistreated by the government.
The two classes are the pigs and the rest of the farm. These came to be because the pigs made themselves leaders from the start and the other animals were left to follow. Over the cousre of time the pig's leading elevated them to a new higher status.

The phrase "Two Legs Bad Four Legs Bad" demonstrates propaganda for animalism
In chapter 8 the animals turn Napoleon's name to Our Leader, Comrade Napoleon to make him seem greater then he is.
In chapter 8 the commandment "No animal shall kill another animal" is changed to "No animal shall kill another animal without cause" to benefit Napoleon.
In chapter 8 the commandment "No animal shall drink alcohol" is changed to "No animal shall drink alcohol to excess" to benefit Napoleon .
In chapter 8 Squealer says that the animals should celebrate their victory. This is propaganda because Squealer uses the word victory when the animals probably didn't win the entire battle to make it seem that everything is great.
Thought ?'s
They still tough life was better on the farm. They were brainwashed
Helped the animals realize that they shouldn't be under rule.
All of the arguments between Napoleon and Snowball prompted this. The other animals didn't step in because they were afraid the dogs would hurt them too.
It tells the animals they need a leader to make some decisions for them and without it they'd be hopeless.
In the animal farm case no, because there is so few people everyone should know.
Squealer persuaded the animals to believe it was okay.
Everyone was afraid if they argued they would be chased away by the dogs.
Napoleon "knows" it's Snowball because he to avenge himself.
She is being brainwashed and persuaded by the pigs.
Boxer works hard because he believes that he is working for a good cause.
It says the ideas don't work and that they need to be changed.

Their resentment vanished because they thought they were working for a greater good and for themselves instead of somebody else. There resentment never came back because they were eventually brain washed.
Napoleon was against building the windmill because he wanted to argue with Snowball and eventually establish himself has the main leader. He later wanted to build the windmill because he never was against it. He just lied to the animals in a scheme to get rid of Snowball.